Bamfield Fishing Charters:
Inshore & Offshore

If you’re up for some of the best fishing of your life book a charter with one of our guides, sit back and get ready! The fishing that we have on the west coast of Vancouver Island is nothing short of spectacular, and we’ll do our best to ensure that you have a safe and fun time on the water.

 Your biggest worry on a charter with us may be a lack of cooler space! We spend most of our summer going after chinook, halibut and coho and we fish hard for 5 months from May through September. If there’s fish out there we’ll get you into them…fast!

Rates and Prices for Fishing Charters:
Full Day Charters
$1100.00 includes all gear, up to 3 people for about 8 - 10 hours. Chinook, halibut, coho.
Half Day Charters
$650 includes all gear, up to 3 people for about 4 hours. Chinook, coho, rockfish.
* All prices are in CDN funds and do not include applicable taxes or gratuities.
Inshore Ocean Fishing Charters in Bamfield
Our inshore fishing charters provide more protection and beautiful scenery for ocean fishing. We fish on the surrounding islands, walls, and rock piles in and around Barkley Sound. These areas can hold big fish, depending on the time of year. More chinook are caught in the Barkley Sound than anywhere else on the entire BC coast. Depending on the year, fishing usually goes from late June through September.
Bamfield, BC Offshore Fishing Charters with Mills Landing
On a Mill’s Landing offshore fishing charter, we fish along the outer banks of the west coast of Vancouver Island. These waters are a prime location to catch halibut, chinook, and coho. Chinook can grow to be up to 30 lbs by early summer. Halibut are usually 20 to 50 lbs. Over half of our fishing charter guests go home with the maximum amount of fish allowed. Fishing usually begins by May, with fishing going until late September.